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“Promote health through the regenerative cultivation and delivery of exceptional quality cannabis” – sofresh

About sofresh farms

In 2010 sofresh farms formally began its journey to, “promote health through the regenerative cultivation and delivery of exceptional quality cannabis”.  Owners Michelle and Tyson Haworth first joined the OMMP as Patient and Grower after Michelle’s second back surgery a few years earlier.  Unsatisfied with doctor promotion and wide acceptance of harmful prescription drugs, sofresh seeks to find a more socially and environmentally healthy alternative. Their small family farm, located in the agriculturally rich North Willamette Valley, has established and maintained industry leading quality, social and environmental standards.

The Green Machine

All sofresh products are created using minimal energy inputs; compostable and recyclable materials are given top priority. Waste is food, rain and de-humidification water is captured and stored on-site then used as the farm’s primary irrigation source.  Waste indoor cultivation heat is captured to provide heat for greenhouses. Worm castings and compost combine with locally sourced nutrients and no-till cultivation techniques to make minerally balanced and biologically thriving soil. Plant positive IPM programs are a must, the farm relies on predatory pests, fungus and nematodes for the pest management blueprint. 100% locally owned and operated, sofresh chooses to invest in coworker education, pay a living wage, provide healthcare benefits and retirement savings for its employees while also giving back to the local community.

Our Growing Business

The farm is regularly featured in magazine and news articles for the company’s leading social, environmental and political practices. In July of 2014 sofresh was among Oregon’s first batch of Clean Green Certified farms, a national cannabis industry version of USDA Organic certification. sofresh continues to lead the way in developing regenerative farming systems focused on creating clean healthy cannabis while doing good for the local environment, people and economy.

Meet Our Team

sofresh is made up of a family of dedicated people. Our owners are passionate about
creating a healthy product for everyone to enjoy. Learn more about the people that grow sofresh.

Tyson Haworth
Tyson HaworthOwner & Chief Executive Farmer
Born raised in a big Oregon family that has generational roots in Oregon. Tyson went to high school in Eugene and to college at U of O for Sustainable Business Management and graduated from the University of Phoenix for Business Management and Marketing.
Michelle Haworth
Michelle HaworthOwner & Account Manager
Also born and raised in a big Oregon family with generational roots in Oregon. Michelle went high school in Clackamas, to college at OSU and graduated from PSU with her Speech Communications and Business degree.
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!More Great People
Nearly 2 dozen coworker bios that make up tribe sofresh!

Customers Agree

“sofresh farms is hands down the best grower in the Pacific Northwest. Their Headband Kush is the best I’ve tried anywhere and the Kosher Kush is beyond belief.”

“The best cannabis I have ever tasted! Teaming with Microbes!”
Jeff Lowenfels

“So many of my friends recommended sofresh farms that I finally had to give it a try. I’m so glad I did!”

“sofresh is the best. These guys could have written my books.”
Jeff Lowenfels