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It’s hard to beat the convenience of a nice preroll. Nothing shares easier, making prerolls the preferred choice at parties and other fun times. Unlike pipes, the longer you smoke a preroll, the better it gets. From the very beginning of the cannabis generation, joints have been used to gather people and spread joy. Whether it’s an outdoor concert or hike in the woods, prerolls are your best choice.

What makes soCones different?

Many times, producers use the lowest quality material available to make their prerolls. Since the consumer can’t see the cannabis product, they figure it’s easy to slip in sub-standard materials. At sofresh farms we use nothing but the finest flower available. The only difference between our prerolls and our top-shelf flower is the size of the buds. Our big buds go into jars while our smalls go into prerolls. The result tastes like home-rolled flower without all the hassles. Not everyone can roll a hero joint and I’ve known people to spend a lifetime trying! Our preroll experts are the best in the business! They massage the cannabis into the perfect consistency. Too loose and the preroll will run. Too tight and the preroll won’t stay lit or hit easily. Our team knows what it takes to create the perfect preroll.

Rolling soCones is less of a science and more of an artform. Every soCone is hand packed with the ends twisted to perfection. You won’t find air-pockets, stems or leaf in our prerolls. Every soCone is inspected for imperfections and rejected if it doesn’t meet the high standards of sofresh farms. You can rest assured that when you smoke a soCone, you are smoking the best in the world.

Talk is cheap

Our Tangieland soCone won the 2017 Dope cup for best preroll. They look at everything important in a proper preroll, from the way it burns, to the way it tastes. There are a lot of great prerolls out there and we feel confident in saying ours is the best.

Where can I find sofresh soCones?

soCones are available at both Oregon’s Finest locations along with many other sofresh retailers. Feel free to find the closest shop in your area by clicking here:

If you’d like to learn more about the strains that go into our soCones click here:

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