Featured Terpene – Caryophyllene

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Caryophyllene Have you ever tried flower that had a woody, spicy, pepper aroma? Most likely the strain was full of one of the most common terpenes, Caryophyllene. Some of the medical benefits include reduction of pain, anxiety, depression and ulcers. Caryophyllene is also useful in anti-inflammatory medicines like topicals and salves. Caryophyllene is capable of

Featured Terpene – Ocimene

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Ocimene Ocimene is found in a wide variety of plants and known for its mild citrus, woodsy, sweet, herbaceous qualities. You can find ocimene in fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, parsley, basil, mint, orchids, kumquats and tarragon. Medical benefits include treatment for inflammation, congestion, hypertension, anti-fungal, antivirus, antiseptic and antibacterial.

sofresh Miron Glass Stash Jar 

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sofresh farms has teamed with the finest Miron Glass jar maker in the world to create a truly spectacular solution for all your cannabis storage needs. Never again will your pre-rolls or favorite flower be ruined by improper storage. The sofresh Stash Jar uses a special Miron Violet glass that only allows in specific light waves to increase shelf life and enhance your products. Excessive heat or dryness can ruin your stash, but it's hard

sofresh farms Community River Clean-up

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We had a great day at the sofresh farms Community River Cleanup.  Our crew filled over 15 bags with trash. It’s amazing the difference that can be made in just a short amount of time. We’d like to thank everyone involved in making the world a little bit brighter. The river cleanup was part of a national river cleanup day. You can learn more by visiting their